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Club de golf Royal Montréal

NMP has worked many times on this magnificent golf course, founded in 1873, and having the distinction of being the oldest golf club in North America. Today Royal Montreal boasts 45 holes laid out on three courses: the Blue (oldest and most prestigious), the Red (more demanding) and the Dixie (for beginners).

Noteworthy among them is the 2002-2004 Green Renovation Complex of the Red Course. The RMGC says on its internet site «Although overshadowed by the world famous Blue Course, the Club is also very proud of its Red Course. It remains an excellent challenge and a sharp test of accuracy with its smaller and closely bunkered greens»

Then there was the 2005 project, on the 18-hole Blue course, in preparation of the 2007 President’s Cup. This was a major NMP full-course renovation/rebuild undertaking (irrigation, drainage, greens, tees, bunkers). For this prestigious tournament attracting more than 25,000 visitors and which opposes American teams against international players, important infrastructure work also had to be done to accommodate this influx of visitors. NMP thus became a construction contractor by laying out parking areas, installing electric lines, building temporary roads, converting areas for the television crews. Thanks to its American office, NMP even had a role as a customs broker by facilitating entry of American materials onto Canadian soil.

TESTIMONY : Denzil Palmer, General Manager, Royal Montreal
They enter the facilities and continue to operate in a very quiet, efficient and professional manner and leave the facilities in a condition that sometimes you don’t even realize they’ve been there and that’s a wonderful wonderful feature.

TESTIMONY : Bob Hogarth, Director, Royal Montreal
A company like NMP on site who’s done so much work at Royal Montreal and many other clubs since I mentioned before, it’s they’re gonna be on time, they’re gonna be on budget and once again you know that the care that they’ll take with your property is in the best of care.

TESTIMONY : Blake McMaster, Course & Property Manager, Royal Montreal
They’re just really a good company to work with, you know what you’re gonna get, you know they’re gonna finish it right and the price is gonna be what you budgeted.