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From golf courses to 21st century sports fields

NMP Golf Construction was established in the mid-50s as an excavation and transportation-oriented company focusing on agricultural concerns and road construction. From these diverse operations, solving drainage issues emerged as an NMP specialty which led, in the late 80s, to working on golf course renovations.

Just as the marketplace has changed in the intervening years, so has NMP Golf Construction with its broader and improved range of products and services linked not only to golf but to many other physical and sporting activities. Thus NMP builds or renovates among others, soccer pitches, baseball, football and softball fields, and athletics tracks. NMP also does landscaping and environmental restoration, constructs sports buildings, outfits stadium bleachers, plans and manages sports construction projects. NMP has grown, developed, diversified and improved.

The company’s founder, Marcel Poirier, father of many of today’s directors, would no doubt be surprised by the firm’s wide ranging activities. But there is one principle he would easily recognize the family-SME founded with the support of his wife Marie-Paule Desrosiers: the philosophy that drives its directors.

This philosophy revolves around three key elements: clients, employees and the environment. It could be summarized as accomplishing high quality projects using innovating technologies while respecting our clients’ interests, safeguarding our employees’ welfare and respecting the environment. At NMP we believe that the”traditional” values of honesty, keeping your word, and seeking fulfillment in your work, blend well with current preoccupations of respecting nature and protecting the environment.

More specifically, this can be conveyed by such sustainable gestures as the preservation and integration of natural habitats, the preservation and conservation of water resources, and even though it’s not mandatory or even required in construction contracts, installing barriers to prevent sediments ending up in the water when the ground is stripped.

Another aspect of this philosophy is the company’s active participation in the health and welfare in the workplace committee, as well as the social activities committee. Moreover at NMP, when we talk of the firm we use most often and willingly the word company for its close proximity to the work companion.