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Health and Safety at Work – the NMP way

NMP and its Health and Safety at Work Committee’s creed is «Accidents are not inevitable, they are avoidable». Although opportunities for accidents are legion – construction always does entail danger – our track record is quite good.

This result was achieved by working together, owners and employees, to define numerous rules and safety measures. As an ongoing process, we continue to develop new measures, while pursuing training. A good example of these safety rules applied in day-to-day work is seen in the instructions we’ve put forth, accompanying the use of the wheel trencher. Among them you would find: ensure proper working order of the back-up signal before use; define and protect a security zone of up to 3 meters behind the trencher; limit equipment traffic in this zone as added protection for the workers; never change out the drain rolls while the machine is operational; make sure that there are two people to lift a roll of drain, etc.

Just as workplace safety is of vital importance to us, so too is conservation of flora and fauna. Our employees are offered intensive training and education regarding hazardous materials and potential workplace dangers.

Furthermore, in 2011, NMP decided to get ahead of current laws and followed the example of the Quebec Construction Commission by giving its site employees an allowance to purchase protective clothing – vests, helmets, security boots – as well as furnishing, as usual, all necessary specialized safety equipment required on site.