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Lake of Isles Golf Resort

North Stonington Connecticut

Lake of Isles Golf Resort has been the biggest project we’ve undertaken since NMP’s beginnings in 1973. Architect Reese Jones had a vision for shaping this rocky terrain. To execute his 36-hole design, we mobilized 120 workers, and moved 1.8 million cubic yards of earth, including blasting and crushing 500,000 cubic yards of rock with hydraulic jack-hammers. We re-used on-site earth as the foundation for grassy areas, and repurposed surplus rock for road construction.



This mega project required movements of some 50,000 truck-loads. Challenges encountered during the project included reducing an enormous hillock by four meters and creating holes between rocky ledges giving them spectacular character.

Faithful to its commitment to protect nature, in this case a salamander population and a magnificent natural lake bordering many holes, NMP installed a system of solid barriers and compost borders permitting the salamanders to circulate while stopping rock or earth sediments ending up in the lake.

Work on this project – drainage, finishing, shaping, greens and tees preparation – lasted only sixteen (16) months and was led by a team of Quebecers and Americans. In order to respect the schedule, we even worked 24 hours a day at certain critical moments, to make up for time lost due to bad weather.

TESTIMONY : Curtis Tyrrel, director of Agronomy, Lake of Isles Golf Resort
I would say the one thing that I remember the most about NMP’s staff was that they were absolutely full of energy and enthusiasm and if you expected to keep up with them, you better be ready to run because these guys were gonna be here before you, there were gonna be here after you and they weren’t gonna leave you in the dust, but my point is that they were hard workers and that they were good at what they did and you had to be prepared to work with a group of individuals of that level.

TESTIMONY : Brian Kelley, Lake of Isles Golf Resort
You can go to other golf courses and play a 6 hour-round and have everybody in front of you and behind you and not enjoy you’re on a golf, but every hole is romantic enough where you can be with your guess and be in your own world at the same time.

TESTIMONY : Larry Moses, Lake of Isles Golf Resort
This course actually teaches me so much about the game that no other course really ever taught me.