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Environmental Restoration and Landscaping

The world is constantly changing and to paraphrase an ancient Greek philosopher « You cannot step twice into the same river». And how! A few decades ago the use of DDT, a common, accepted, and even recommended insecticide and the health of all.

Sports fields using grass as the basis of the play area, in particular, have not been spared by these considerations, resulting in new concerns: protection of species, use of water resources, preservation of wildlife habitat, wetland protection, reduction on the use of fertilizers and pesticides, intelligent soil amendment, erosion control, reduction in energy used to correct certain past errors, or simply to enhance their field.

Environmental restoration projects go hand in hand with landscaping. And lest we forget that modifications to a field or course are often more complicated to achieve than a new construction, at NMP we accept and thrive on these wonderful challenges, and are motivated by these restored and beautified.
Whether installing bleachers, building a stone-work retaining wall or planting trees and shrubs, there is always an ecological solution to be invented and applied.