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Rhodes Island Country Club

Barrington, Rhode Island

A 1911 Donald Ross design, this course offers an interesting combination of holes with many interconnecting canals leading to the ever beautiful Narragansett Bay on the Atlantic Ocean. By reintroducing salt water and creating brackish-watered marshes, this project, valued at six million dollars, gave back lost habitats to an endangered fish species. While preserving designer Ross’ style, NMP’s challenge was to elevate, by 60 centimeters, the fairways along the marsh so that salt water would not affect them.

Another challenge to be met was the short timeframe for this project. The kick-off was October 2006. The Club would be hosting the televised CVS Charity Classic Golf Tournament in June 2007, so the course had to be in championship shape by mid-May 2007. Despite an early winter and a late spring, and with dedicated commitment to the task at hand, great planning, and organization, the project was delivered on time. The Club even took the opportunity to have extra work done that was not in the initial contract!

TESTIMONY : David Piccerelli, First Vice-President, Rhode Island Country Club
Our firm belief that NMP could get it done for the price that they had submitted to us without any hidden change orders and within our time constraints that we need to have it.