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Why work at NMP Golf?

In today’s workplace, not only the candidates need distinguish themselves during the interview process, the employer is also “questioned” and must present benefits and advantages able to induce applicants to want to work for him. At NMP, the same rule applies.

Why would office employees, professionals or administrators want to join the NMP Golf team?

We believe for many of the following reasons:

  • Because it’s a “small” family business that is “large”-scaled; where we build together and everyone’s talents and skills are pooled to create innovative teams able to grow the company;
  • Because of well-appointed and comfortable offices located 15 to 20 minutes from popular urban centers such as Montreal, Longueuil, Saint-Hyacinthe. Furthermore, our office is easily accessible by the Jean-Lesage Autoroute (exit 120) in an area where heavy traffic is never an issue;
  • Because the working atmosphere is at once friendly and professional;
  • Because when you work at NMP Golf you can take your free morning coffee every day and have access to kitchenettes that are equipped with microwaves and refrigerators.

And what of the site workers?

For those men and women NMP supplies vehicles to ensure safe group transportation to the sites. Furthermore, NMP continually strives to improve working conditions, from work schedules to health and safety in the workplace. NMP also makes it its duty to thoroughly inform and actively listen to its employees during the annual meetings.

And finally for all, working at NMP means…

Working very hard every day surrounded by willing, competent, available, committed and generous colleagues. Occasionally new faces appear, but there are also people who have been with us for over 30 years. Many come back to us year after year even though their work is seasonal. Then, there are those who leave, but come back the better to appreciate what they once experienced working for NMP Golf.

NMP has also created a program that recognizes faithful years of service. Acknowledgment of these landmark years is a major part of the annual Christmas party where employees and their spouses are invited to celebrate the end of another year in a festive and fun ambiance.

The Human Resources department is well established, functional and advocates respect of the human element good communication and cooperation, supported by –the authenticity of each member of the company. In the Human Resources department we listen to you, to what you have to say and we try to constantly adjust ourselves to maintain the company’s dynamism and the welfare of the employees. Even though the policies and procedures are clearly defined, we apply them with sufficient suppleness to combine humanity, equity and continuity of the company.

Our employees work amidst a team where planning for the future is relevant to ensuring the company’s continuity.

And lastly, working at NMP Golf is living daily a professional and human learning experience while collaborating and participating in the life project of its founders and successors.